Office Automation

Energy Saving

  • Program Photocopiers, shredders and decentralised aircons to turn off automatically every night at 10pm will ensure minimised energy wastage.
  • Program lights to come on and turn off to match occupancy.
  • Motion sensor controlled walkways, waiting rooms saves energy with intelligent control of lights and dimming.


  • Switch between discussion scene and presentation scene in the boardroom with 1 button to control lights, projector screen and blinds simultaneously. No more interruptive movements to turn on lights, draw blinds during meetings.
  • Connect light control to access cards so the right set of lights will light up the pathway and department for the incoming staff.
  • Consolidated lighting and devices control contributes to productivity.


  • Clean 1 button control of equipment in boardroom for presentation scenes create a heightened aura of professionalism.
  • Timed activation.