Intelligent Office

An automated and intelligent office with smart lighting in Singapore will impress clients and visitors alike. With a single touch of a touch-panel, the lights will begin to dim, the blinds will shut, the motorized screen will drop from the ceiling, and the projector will come on. And the ideal presentation environment is achieved in seconds!

Office automation also allows pipe-in music to be available in any specified area of the office, from the director’s room to the employee’s lounge. Each area will have independent control over the selection of music source, volume control and the likes. An automated office system can also help increase your energy efficiency and turn off lights and devices that are not in used. With office automation and smart switches in Singapore, you can program lights and devices to automatically go off when motion hasn’t been detected for a given time period. Turning off lights that aren’t needed can translate into a substantial amount in energy savings annually.

At The Automated Lifestyle, we have the expertise, experience and technological know-how to improve your company’s corporate image, add convenience and simple 1-touch operation to everyday operations and still saves you money with optimal energy usage and efficiency.