Audio & Video

Multi-room Audio Distribution l Home Theatre

With an audio/video whole house distribution system, your full collection of music can be centralized and shared with every family member. Be it at the garden, balcony or even rooftop! A well-designed home theatre will provide hours of quality family entertainment.

Simplify Your Music System

Imagine being able to access your entire movie and music collection stored in 1 system from any room without the need for several separate DVD systems in each room. Wall-mounted keypads, touch-screens and portable remotes enable you to select your choice of music/movies/radio stations anywhere in your home.

Multiple Sources from a Single System

With a whole-house A/V distribution system, the children can listen to their favourite singers in their rooms; the mom listens to her favourite radio station all at the same time from 1 system!

Serves Multiple Areas

Enjoy music in patios, gardens and pool areas with weatherproof speakers that match the landscape