What is a home control system?

A home control system is a smart cost-effective and convenient way to consolidate control of all the electronics and systems in your home. It allows you to:

  • Program Scene: Eg. You can program the lights to come on and the blinds to lift at 6am every morning to wake you up
  • Combine control of devices: Eg. you can combine the control of the blinds, lights and aircon to 1 switch on the wall or 1 tap on the iPad, for a good night scene.
  • Saves energy: dim lights automatically when not in use.

Automated Lifestyle customizes your desired home control system, for one-room one-element control to whole-home integrated control within your budget.

Automation sounds scary. Is it complicated?

Automation is easy, and will give you great convenience in your life, not to mention the wow factor! When installed by a reliable installer, automation is a simple way of life for today’s modern home. Most of the new developments like St. Regis and The Lights comes complete with automation. In fact, automation is as inseparable to homes today as build-in cabinets.

What considerations do I make when deciding to automate my home?

Your considerations include your budget and aspirations. Automated Lifestyle can help you to achieve a system that will meet both requirements.

Does it matter which installer I choose?

ABSOLUTELY! Choose an installer who can show you their past works, and can give reference of past customers. A knowledgeable and responsible installer makes all the difference between a system which is useful, awesome and one which gives you heartache. Automated Lifestyle has enjoyed good feedback from our past customers and is committed to delivering an honest system which meets your wishes and budget.

How do I decide what to automate?

Some people start with lights and blinds, others, AV. It really depends on your aspirations – its as personal as your interior design.

How often do I need to update my system?

Technically, you don’t really need to update your system, though it can be useful to upgrade and maintain your system yearly. It’s like a car or an aircon system – regular up keeping will keep it at tiptop condition.

Does it matter which brand of automation I choose?

YES! As automation becomes more common place, there appear also products and brands to ride on the wagon. Be sure to choose a reliable brand and installer to make sure you have a good system that you will enjoy and rely on. Automated Lifestyle products are mostly established US and European brands which are reliable, branded and affordable at the same time.

Why should I choose Smartya?

Automated Lifestyle has the right expertise and experience that can provide you and your family an affordable solution for total home control.

Where can I buy home control products? Can I purchase them on www.automated.com.sg and install them myself?

Automated Lifestyle wants every customer to have the same great experience with a professionally installed and supported system, so to ensure that you get the most from your home control system reliably.

I've heard that Automated Lifestyle can help me save energy but how?

The total control over your home’s energy-consuming devices (lights, TVs, anything that gets plugged in, etc.) provided by Automated Lifestyle allows you to more easily control how much energy is being used, by what, and when. For example, you can set your lights to come on at 90% instead of 100%, saving energy without sacrificing light or visibility. The possibilities for saving energy are virtually limitless when you have the total control provided by automated system. Speak with us today for ideas on how we can help you go green.

How do I know that my home control system won't be obsolete in a few years?

Automated Lifestyle products are standards-based (ZigBee, Wifi, Ethernet, etc.) meaning we leverage standards-based technologies that are here to stay. Plus, with drivers for thousands of partner products, you can rest assured that our operating system is tested, reliable and constantly evolving to control and integrate with new products and technologies.

How many individual rooms can the home control system support?

The beauty of a customized home control system is its scalability. You can start small with one-room control and expand to whole-home or office control. Automated Lifestyle has successfully installed in multi-room landed properties. There is virtually no limit on the number of rooms you can control with a Control4 system.

How long is the warranty on the home control products?

Most of the products have a two-year limited warranty, which is substantially longer than most of the home automation industry.

I need help with some quirks in my system, who should I call?

Speak to us today (see the ‘Contact Us’ tab at the top) and we will assist you.

My house is fairly old but I am interested in getting a home control system. Is there a way to do this without remodeling my whole home?

Definitely. One of the unique features of this home control system is that it uses both wired and wireless technology, making it just as simple to install in older homes as it is to install in new homes.

I have seen a control system in a hotel recently. Can I get a similar system for my home?

Yes! Call us today and we will help you plan out a system that meets your needs and your budget.