Motorized Blinds and Curtain Systems

Get motorised curtains and blinds in Singapore. Control drapes, curtains and blinds with a remote. No more getting out of beds to draw them. No more going round behind sofas to reach the curtains lines. Just draw them at the touch of a remote or touchscreen. One of the biggest benefits derived from our motorised curtains and blinds systems is their programmability integrated in one of our remote control systems. Curtains can draw automatically in the morning to wake you up gently to the sunrise! Or if you would like to sleep with the night sky but doesn’t want to be woken up by the morning sun, just program them to draw in the middle of the night, automatically, just like how you time a video recorder to tape your favourite program!

Who Should Have This?

  • Homeowners who has will appreciate the convenience of remote controls
  • Homeowners who has invested in the interior of their homes and want to extend that experience
  • Houseproud homeowners who entertains in their home
  • Homes with elderly members who needs the convenience of a remote control

Automation can be based on input on your remote control or the following:

  • Chronological time (time of day)
  • Astronomical time (sunrise/sunset)
  • Room occupancy
  • Alarm/security conditions
  • Program logic (any combination of events)

A blind or curtain control system will provide the ideal level of lighting for any area of a home and office, at any given time, for any occasion. There are many applications of lighting control systems, and they have a lot to offer in terms of ease and convenience. Regardless of your budget and requirement, The Automated Lifestyle has a curtain control system to meet and satisfy your needs.