About Us


The Automated Lifestyle provide custom-designed audio/video, home and office automation systems and solutions. From automated remote controlled lighting, curtains and blinds, to music and audio distribution and home theatre systems, we keep things simple, yet create a strong impression in all who visits our clients’ home or office.

With a smart home, the house takes care of you. Whether it’s to simply replace the messy clutters of remotes on your table with an elegant touch-screen master controller that will dim your lights, turn on your air-con, draw your curtains with a single touch, to playing your favourite song whenever you walk in, to full-fledged whole house/office automation, our team of smarthome installers and electricians in Singapore will design a system that meets your personal needs, overall aesthetics and budget.

We offer you the opportunity to experience a new level of comfort and the freedom to personalize and take control of your home and office like never before.

For customers, The Automated Lifestyle has the experience, products and services for all your audio, video and automation needs.